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How to clone Garage Door Opener Remote

3rd generation remote control from auto diagnostic obd divided into two kind frequency remote cloner: fixed frequency remote cloner(optional frequency) and rolling code remote cloner(Adjustable Frequency). Do you know how to clone garage door opener remote? Cloning a keyless entry remote to your Garage Door is a simple task that, if you know what you're doing, takes you less than five minutes.

3rd Generation Rolling code Remote Face to Face pair copy

remote control

Here auto diagnostic obd factory will share you Instructions for Clone Garage Door Opener Remote.


3rd Generation face to face copy remote control3rd Generation face to face copy remote control3rd Generation face to face copy remote control

Step 1: Find the "Learn" or "Learn Code" button on your garage door opener's main overhead unit. Note that this button may be found on the sides or bottom of the unit, depending on your model.

Step 2: Depress and release the "Learn" or "Learn Code" button on the overhead unit. Look for a flashing light emitting diode indicator or listen for a beep to confirm that the overhead unit has entered the programming mode.

Step 3: Decide which remote control button you want to use to control your garage door. Depress and release that button within 30 seconds of pressing the "Learn" or "Learn Code" button.

Step 4: Wait for the LED indicator to go out or listen for a beep to confirm the garage door opener remote programming.

A garage door opener remote allows you to open or close your garage door with the touch of a single button and without ever having to exit your vehicle. These convenient devices may be obtained from your garage door opener's manufacturer at the time of installation or ordered later as an optional accessory. If your garage door opener remote didn't come preprogrammed, synchronize it to the main unit in just seconds.


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