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How to crack and install Caterpillar Cat et 2012B

Auto OBD Diagnostic center free supply Cat ET 2012B keygen and PATCH download,  share the installation and crack guide of Cat ET 2012B.

Caterpillar et diagnostic Communication Adapter CAT ET 2011A

Caterpillar et diagnostic Communication Adapter CAT ET 2011A

Step 1. download Cat et 2012B trucks software, and install Cat ET 2012b
Step 2. replace comet.exe and CometDLL.dll to c:Program FilesCommon FilesOffboard Information Products2012BCometComet.exe
Step 3. Copy and overwrite FlashServer.dll & CometDLL.dll to Program FilesCommon FilesOffboard Information Products2012BFlash
Step 4. replace ettech.exe to c:Program FilesCaterpillarElectronic Technician2012BEtech.exe
my computer - properties - advanced - environmental variables
Step 5. make c:flexlm and add environmental variable - variable name - CATLMD_LICENSE_FILE and variable value - c:flexlmlicense.dat   
Step 6. use ipconfig or get mac addres to enter in kg
Step 7. copy license.dat to c:flexlm file folder
Step 8. run Cat et 2012b. just enjoy it!

Free download Cat ET 2012B keygen and PATCH.rar

Cat et is Caterpillar Vehicle communication Adapter, Caterpillar trucks Diagnostic tool. Caterpillar et software 2012B is available to multi-languge. Caterpillar et enable service technicians to reprogram ECMs, reconfigure control system parameters.

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