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Autodiagnosticobd ADS-TST Trailer Socket Tester USER MANUAL

The ADS-TST is a compact, portable Trailer Socket Tester specifically designed for MoT Testing of all CAN-Bus and Standard 13 pin systems.

The "Colour Co-ordinated" LED presentation clearly shows the MoT Test requirements as well as additional Non MoT Testing of +12v/24V Power and Reversing.

With many features required for the Workshop Environment the ADS-TST has a Die-Cast Aluminum Handset with durable Rubber Edging.

ADS TST portable Trailer Socket Tester

ADS TST portable Trailer Socket Tester

Today auto diagnostic obd will share your user manuals.

Operating Instructions:

1. Connect the 13 pin plug to the Vehicles Trailer Socket.

LED 1 (Permanent Power) will illuminate to indicate connection.

Note: This connection is required for the Self Test function to operate.

2. Take the handset into the drivers compartment ensuring that the connection lead is free from hazard and not entangled.

3. With the display visible, press the self test button on the side of the handset and ensure all the LED’s 1 to 10 are illuminated.

4. Switch on the ignition, LED 10 – Ignition Power (Earth) should illuminate.

5. Operate the vehicle controls in the normal way and check that the corresponding LED’s; 1 through to 10 illuminated.

How to test 7 Pin Trailer Socket ?

When testing 7 Pin Vehicle Systems always use a suitable 13 pin to 7

pin adaptor.

Note: 7 Pin Vehicle Systems do not have a 12 volt Permanent Power. LED 1 will not illuminate and the Self Test function will not operate.


Checks on Permanent Power (LED 1) and Reversing Light

(LED 6) are not currently required for the UK MoT Test.

(Issue date Jan 2010) On some vehicles, equipped with CAN Bus systems, it is normal for the LED’s on the TST 100 display, to flicker.


Always ensure that the Connection Cable is free from hazard and not entangled. Do not attempt to move or drive the vehicle with the ADS-TST connected.

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